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FILMECHANISM 2D puzzle action using record and restore

FILMECHANISM 2D puzzle action using record and restore

“FILMECHANISM" is a 2D puzzule action game ,developed by ChemicalPudding.


It is a series of more than 200 stages with hidden gimmicks, in which the player controls a camera alien, Lek, to solve the puzzles and reach the goal, and more a unique puzzle game in that even in situations that would be deadlocked in a normal puzzle game, restoring the puzzle literally restores it to the previously recorded location.

It has a casual atmosphere with its 8-bit style graphics and loose atmosphere of sound, but it is a game that requires a lot of brain power. However It can reset with the press of a button and this game not have a mistake penalty. Player can repeat a try and error.

Also the size of each stage is not large, so once the riddle is solved, the game can be cleared quickly and at good tempo.


FILMECHANISM is release on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Let's enjoy the mysterious world of the camera when you want to do a little puzzle!

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