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Indie game Puzzle Invercity

Invercity: Mysterious puzzle game of standing HandStand

Invercity: Mysterious puzzle game of standing HandStand

Invercity is a 2D puzzle action game that features a “Handstand” made on Marudice games.

About this game

Invercity is panic in the city due to the "Handstand Phenomenon" in which objects fall into the sky. A reporter who loves handstands is chosen to cover make an investigation into the "Handstand Phenomenon". She tries to find out the mystery behind the "Handstand Phenomenon". The player uses two actions "Handstand" and "Inverted Broadcast" to lead them to the goal.


A reporter who loves handstands, handstands allows her to move all objects in like elevators. According to the store page “things fall to the bottom”.

Inverted Broadcast

She pushes on a button at the stage, The monitor is turned upside down when "Reverse Broadcast" is performed. Then she was “handstand” but was replaced by “ dangle”, and even a dead end becomes an unexpected breakthrough.

Secondary Use

Post or stream images and videos using the play screen and audio are fully allowed. However, please always play with the in-game option "Streamer Mode" enabled. Only spoiler parts of the story will be automatically skipped. Captures in non-streamer mode can also be used by cutting the spoiler parts.

Release Day

Invercity is going to be released on Steam(https://store.steampowered.com/app/1943370/Invercity/) on November 10, 2022. And more it is able to play before Release on unity room(https://unityroom.com/games/sakadachi) in Japanese.  Let's play mysterious adventure on a handstand!

This image is a reference from Steam.

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